Hey, plan to keep all macros that I have created on Bluestacks app player in this single post. So that you can check and use them all. Keep checking for new ones

Download Bluestacks and import these macro by following the steps metioned in my post importing a macro

S. No. Title Description Link
1 AFK grind for silver and xp Go to the mission screen, select a champion and click playhttps://bit.ly/33VpVOP
2Collecting playtime rewardsGo to the home screen, and press play. It’ll collect all the playtime rewards for youhttps://bit.ly/2WaqGkg
3Summon heroesHave a lot of shards? Use this and get more!https://bit.ly/35Zcsr0
4Set your settings to the max!Set your graphic settings to the max!https://bit.ly/2Pmt2Lo
5Enable auto modeIn case you were doing all this manually, enable auto mode, and let your champions fighthttps://bit.ly/2qCbmBe
62x Speed1x too slow? Increase your speed!https://bit.ly/31FunzK
7Upgrade your artifact!Select the artifact to upgrade and run this!https://bit.ly/362oKyK
8Navigate to farming levelGo to campaign 1-1, and run the 1st macro, and watch the silver increase!https://bit.ly/2JiAhAo
9Navigate to a higher farming levelGo to campaign 3-1 to farm xphttps://bit.ly/31DJgT2
10Upgrade ArtifactsUpgrade your artifacts for every championhttps://bit.ly/34vlOJm

Also, if they don’t work, set your bluestacks resolution to 1920×1080

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