If you’ve used my previous methods, you should have a LOT of currency. I have around 900k currency at the moment, and I started losing at a couple of levels.
The game keeps on telling me to upgrade artifacts. After the seeing the process of selecting a champion, clicking upgrade and wait for 5 seconds for it to finish and repeat that for 5 times minimum?? To add more, I have to repeat that for ALL artifacts. Did I mention that this has to be done for every major champion you are using?

So its almost 5 times 6 times 5 = Basically a lot

I used the macro tool, to create something that automates this part, upgrades for each champion 5 times, every artifact. In simple steps -> Select champion -> run macro and repeat. That 2 clicks, from the large number before. I’ll list the detailed steps below

Link to the macro->https://bit.ly/34vlOJm


  • Go to this screen
  • And select your champion and press play:)

Hope this helps!

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