RAID: Shadow Legends—PC Client or Bluestacks?

I recently learned that Plarium, the brilliant developers behind RAID: Shadow Legends, released a PC client for their amazing gacha RPG. As a long-time player of this game, I couldn’t contain my excitement: A PC standalone version of my favorite game of the past few months? Sign me up! I had already been enjoying RAID on PC using Bluestacks, which a great Android emulator for gaming, in my opinion. However, nothing can beat the experience of enjoying games in their intended platform, so obviously, the new PC Client had me intrigued.

Introducing the PC Client of RAID: Shadow Legends

Upon learning the news, I immediately signed up to try it out. The install process was smooth and straightforward; go to Plarium’s website, download their platform, and get started.

Now don’t get me wrong, even though I love playing games on their intended platforms, I also like squeezing out the best performance and functionality from all my gaming devices. I’m the type of person that doesn’t conform to just the tools that I’m given, and will always try to do whatever I can to get the upper hand. For gacha games like RAID: Shadow Legends, this means logging in every day to complete my daily tasks, striving to unlock powerful characters to add to my formation, and upgrading my heroes whenever I can.

Performance & Graphics

The PC version of RAID: Shadow Legends dazzled me with its performance. I admit I had my doubts when I heard that this game was being ported to PC—these transitions often end up in disaster, with gutted clients, poor performance, and other issues plaguing the gameplay. This wasn’t the case this time around as the PC client performs great; perhaps even at par with some AAA games. 

Admittedly, you get way more graphics options with the PC Client, and that’s what you get with first party development of an app player. The graphical fidelity options are even better than the launch settings provided in the PC port Batman: Arkham Knight at launch.

The PC Client has gained a leg up on the emulators by letting us select lower than 1080p resolutions and also by giving advanced graphics options which include everything from Shadow Quality and bloom to being able to select the Tesselation and Anti-Aliasing modes. This is the first and only clear win for the Plarium Client. 

However, the experience itself is no different than playing on your phone. Sure, you’re playing on your PC, with your monitor, mouse, keyboard, and so on. However, you’re also restricted by having access only to the same things that you’d have when gaming on your phone. While the graphics and performance are impressive, especially when compared to the mobile version of the game, it begs the question: Should I play RAID: Shadow Legends on the PC client, or on an android emulator of my choice? (for me it’s Bluestacks)

PC or Emulator?

I know the title is a bit misleading since, technically, both versions that we’re discussing are on PC. However, for the sake of simplicity, I will be referring to the PC client of RAID: Shadow Legends as the “PC Version”, while I’ll simply call its mobile game on PC counterpart the “Emulator Version”.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t want to doxx my main account while writing this article, which is why I decided to roll a new account to just capture these pics. If you were wondering why I speak like a vet, but show pics of a newbie account with a generic name, now you know why!

Now, I already mentioned how the performance and graphics of the PC version are certainly astounding when compared to mobile version. However, I was already playing RAID on my PC with Bluestacks. So in this regard, comparing both in terms of visuals is a moot point, IMO.

However, I immediately noticed how Bluestacks has something that the PC client doesn’t offer in any capacity: a variety of features to automate and streamline the gameplay. Now that is a terrible look for a first party client to have. 💩

I love this game to death; I’ve been playing it for a while and I feel that it’s one of the most rewarding and fair gachas, even for players who don’t want to sink money into micro-transactions. Not to mention that it’s also one of the best and most marketed titles out there, which only adds to its appeal. After all, we all want to play what’s hip and popular, right? Fortnite fans unite.

With that being said, if you want to get good, you’ll still need to put in the hours: Daily quests, endless summonings, constant upgrading, and beating the stages of the campaign are only a handful of tasks you’ll be doing A LOT when playing this game.

Now, in order to create a successful game, developers have to strike a balance between challenging their players and rewarding them for their efforts. A game can’t simply hand out all their prizes and expect to retain its player base. Nevertheless, the constant grind of gacha games like RSL can be off-putting for all but the most devoted gamers. However, what about gamers like me who are somewhere in the middle? I don’t really enjoy doing the same stuff over and over without receiving a reward every now and then (which is precisely why I like how RAID handles its rewards).

I admit that the grind has weighed heavy on me at times, even to the point of considering dropping the game entirely, like I’ve done with so many other taxing gacha games in the past. However, after moving from my phone to playing on Bluestacks, everything just clicked; I was home.

Why I Love Playing on Bluestacks

Frankly, it comes down to the variety of useful tools at your disposal when you’re playing RAID on Bluestacks. 

You could argue that the PC version looks a tad better, but I’ve never been much of a graphics junkie, and the upgrade I got from playing on my phone to gaming on Bluestacks was more than enough to satisfy my lust for eye candy in this game. Coming from an old Motorola G5+, to my Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM, a GTX 1060, and a decent SSD(upto 6x faster load times. Yes, I compared), the difference is outstanding; I honestly can’t ask for more. 

This isn’t to say that you need a beastly PC to play the game on Bluestacks. While the minimum requirements for RAID: Shadow Legends on PC is an i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a dedicated graphics card, you can get by on Bluestacks even with an old Celeron CPU and at least 4GB of RAM, with no graphics card. It won’t be pretty and it might chug a little in more demanding battles, but it’ll definitely be playable if you fulfill these requirements. 

However, what you CAN’T get from the PC version is access to a Macro recorder or multiple instances. These are both standard features that have been part of Bluestacks for a while now, and that I’ve had the pleasure of using since I made the transition. The minimal time and effort requirement for similar returns while playing on Bluestacks sets it apart from the PC client.

Using Macros in the game

Use of Macros in a game like RSL can greatly simplify the grinding process. Specifically, I use them mostly when I have to upgrade a new champion so I don’t have to manually click on everything. Bluestacks has a handy macros feature for this.

You might argue that you can do something similar with the PC version by installing third-party apps. In fact, if you have a gaming mouse, your mouse software could even offer the option to create macros for you. In my experience, whenever you do this on the PC version of RAID: Shadow Legends, you need to leave the window in the foreground (always on top) while the game runs, and you can’t do anything else on your computer while the sequence is running. 

This isn’t the case with Bluestacks as you can simply run the macro, minimize the emulator, and do anything you want on the computer while Bluestacks plays for you. You can even limit the resources the instances use down to a tee.

So why go through all the trouble when you could literally use the inbuilt macro recorder and have the emulator do it all for you? It seems like a no-brainer if you ask me.

So for performing a champion upgrade, with Bluestacks macros, I can simply press a button, and have it perform all the standard upgrades to get the champion up to speed. This process also includes upgrading the character’s equipment, which can take around 5 seconds every time. This time can really add up if you have multiple upgrades to perform!

If you’re lazy like me, you can also create a macro to automate completing your daily tasks, as I mentioned above. In essence, if it doesn’t require careful planning and strategy, such as when fighting a challenging boss or playing in the arena, I can automate it with a carefully-placed macro.

Sharing Macro Files

If you play with friends, you can even create and share your macros with them since Bluestacks allows you to both import and export macros as .json files. If you have created a cool macro to automate a part of RAID, you could share it with your party simply by sending them your files and having them import the macro into Bluestacks. More on how to do that in an upcoming post from me. 

Also, I’ll be uploading some Macros here that I have created and benefited hugely from, for your use. Maybe create a few of your own and send them to me? (

Multiple Instances – Multiple Game Accounts

The second important feature that you can enjoy by playing RAID: Shadow Legends on Bluestacks is multiple instances.

In a nutshell, this handy feature lets you play RAID in multiple windows, using different Google accounts, simultaneously. Through the multiple parallel accounts, I can team up with myself to tackle tough content, or even create a guild where I can add several of my accounts. If anything, even in the days where I don’t feel like multitasking, I can perform daily tasks on each account one by one, and extend my playtime. The game can sometimes get a bit grindy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy playing it, regardless!

This is especially useful when you want to create different team formations with optimized strats. In essence, you can cover your own weaknesses by developing varied squads, and become a one-man army. I’ve yet to to get there myself, but I’m working on it. 

Looking for mates as well in case anyone’s interested🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Final Considerations

At the end of the day, you should always play on the platform where you feel most comfortable. The good part about RAID: Shadow Legends is that you can sync your progress on all your devices using Plarium accounts. In this sense, you can play on your phone, or an emulator or the PC version, without losing progress.

However, if you’re looking for the very best performance in terms of streamlining your gameplay, advancing through the game’s stages at a rapid pace, and unlocking the strongest teams in record time, Bluestacks is probably the way to go. While the graphics are a bit better on the PC version, Bluestacks absolutely dominates the race in convenience, versatility and ease of use.

Imagine using a long macro on the PC version and having to wait for it to complete before being able to use your computer again—you might as well play on your phone! Not to mention that you really can’t play on multiple instances simultaneously either on the PC version or on your phone (unless you have more than one). For these and many other reasons, If I’m looking for maximum power, I’ll definitely go with Bluestacks 100% of the time. Well maybe 95, if you’re an absolute sucker for graphics. 

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