After sinking hours into game, I realized I was wasting time manually upgrading champions and upgrading them using currency. Since the multi battle is daily, this gives you more without using and waiting for it to come

I found a way where I could create something of sorts of a clicker and alt tab the game, and come back in an hour to max level champion. Since I was using Bluestacks, their in game macro tool let me set up clicks and I ran them indefinitely to upgrade them.

And since, silver is needed for almost everything, why not automate and let it grow (HAHAHAHAH)

To set this up, select a level, and select the champions you want to upgrade, press start and then run the macro. Check back in an hour and you’ll see what you’ve gained.

The macro link ->!3wEHmaYR!drWqE6Bk_T_hszWriodIvlXWt-BoN0e2ysgpI3SWc0k

I’d leave the macro on, alt tab the game, and go about my day. I’d alt tab back every hour or so, and check what I’ve gained for my champions

When one’s max level, I’d pick another and do the same. Basically an easier way to get through grinding part of the game while you about your day.

Since we’re “playing” for a number of hours, I made another macro to collect daily rewards whenever I want to. It’ll just open the rewards tab, open them and collect them all. The screen below shows where you just play on the macro tool

Macro Link->!KoVxAIDJ!wFgWVzWSC5NzW13S1XeEx4geQsE-MQC70QyCgDHsWDQ

Also, in case you don’t know what the macro tool looks like or how to import, find the clipboard with a play button (shortcut is ctrl+shift+7). Then click the folder with the downward arrow, and select these downloads.

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